About Yugan

Yugan Engineering Ltd. LLC was first established in 2006 in Israel with a view to providing supervision services, consulting, design coordination, quality assurance and quality control, and civil engineering projects supervision in Israel and throughout the rest of the world. The company has enjoyed much success and growth since its’ opening, having since completed a variety of projects with a total value exceeding 2 billion US$. Boasting a certified and highly experienced and professional staff, with extensive knowledge in the field of infrastructure construction, our specialists are well versed in management and quality control systems. To date, Yugan Engineering has lent its expertise to a range of projects including: the building of roads and infrastructure, bridges, natural gas devices and pipelines, TBM, and underground systems achieved by both conventional and non-conventional methodologies.
The company is experienced in Israel and in international projects wherein joint venture with foreign companies and adherence to very strict professional guidelines are prerequisites.